Covid-19 (Nov 8): 852 new cases, ending five-day streak of above 1,000 cases

Covid-19 (Nov 8): 852 new cases, ending five-day streak of above 1,000 cases

COVID-19 | The Health Ministry today reported  852 new Covid-19 cases, breaking the previous five-day streak in which new daily infections were above the 1,000 mark.

This brings the cumulative cases to 40,209, crossing the 40,000 mark for the first time. Meanwhile, the cumulative recoveries stand at 28,234.

Leading indicators in brief:

Active cases =  11,689 ↑ (23 more than previous day) 

Patients in intensive care = 94 ↑ (Seven more than since yesterday) 

Intubated patients = 32 (Unchanged)

Deaths = 4 ↑ (One more than yesterday)

Recoveries = 825 ↓ (204 less than yesterday)

Health Ministry director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, in a statement, said 61.5 percent of the new cases were from Sabah while 19.9 percent were from the Klang Valley.

He also reported four deaths with two from Sabah and one from Perak and Kedah respectively. The death toll now stands at 286.

Details of the reported deaths are as follow:

Death 283 (Case 35,983): 66-year-old male. Died at Hospital Duchess of Kent, Sabah. Had a history of heart disease.

Death 284 (Case 18,815): 81-year-old female. Died at Hospital Tawau, Sabah. Had a history of high blood pressure and breast cancer.

Death 285 (Case 16,848): 62-year-old male. Died at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Perak. 

Death 286 (Case 34,174): 62-year-old female. Died at Penang Hospital. Had a history of diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease.

Of the 852 new cases today, 13 were imported.

They involved eight Malaysians and five non-citizens returning from Indonesia (3), Saudi Arabia (3), Nepal (2), Morocco (1), United Arab Emirates (1), United Kingdom (1), Turkey (1) and South Korea (1).

A breakdown of the locally-transmitted infections today is as follow:

Sabah (524)
Existing clusters: 89
Close contact screenings: 338
Other screenings: 97

Selangor (136)
Existing clusters: 43
New cluster: 1 (Ikhtisas cluster)
Close contact screenings: 44
Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) screening: 1
Other screenings: 46

Negeri Sembilan (104)
Existing cluster: 86
New cluster: 7 (Ikhtisas cluster)
Close contact screenings: 8
SARI screening: 1
Other screenings: 2

Labuan (23)
Existing clusters: 2
Close contact screenings: 1
Other screenings: 20

Penang (18)
Existing clusters: 17
Close contact screenings: 1

KL (11)
Existing cluster: 1
Close contact screenings: 6
Other screenings: 4

Perak (7)
Existing clusters: 7

Melaka (5)
New cluster: 3 (Berendam Kluster)
Close contact screenings: 2

Kedah (3)
Existing clusters: 2
Other screenings: 1

Kelantan (2)
Other screenings: 2

Sarawak (2)
Other screenings: 2

Putrajaya (2)
Existing clusters: 2

Johor (1)
Sabah returnee screening: 1

Terengganu (1)
Existing clusters: 1

Two new clusters were reported while another two clusters were declared over.

The concluded clusters are Putra cluster (5 cases) and Kuarters cluster (9 cases).

The two new clusters are the Ikhtisas cluster involving the districts of Petaling and Klang in Selangor, Jeli in Kelantan and Seremban in Negeri Sembilan and the Berendam cluster involving the districts of Alor Gajah and Melaka Tengah in Malacca.

The Ikhtisas cluster was traced to Patient 33,122 on Oct 29. The patient has been admitted to Sungai Buloh hospital. A screening of the patient's close contacts found another 21 cases, bringing the total infections in this cluster to 22.

Eight of those cases were reported today. A total of 362 people were tested. 127 people are still awaiting results.

The Berendam cluster was traced to Patient 32,489 and Patient 3,9353. They were discovered through screening of symptomatic individuals.

A screening of their close contacts found another five cases, three of which were reported today.

Authorities have tested 1,861 people in this cluster and 1,744 people are still awaiting results.


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