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Jophie 4.5L DIsinfectant

World Recognized Green Sanitize Solutions

(Malaysia 1st Natural bio-technologies revitalization and oxidation) 

** NEED 1:20 DILUTION (e.g 100ml Jophie + 2000ml Water)

Effective Feature: 

✅ International recognized Solutions 

✅ KKM approved 

✅ Kill 99.99% Bacterial & Germs 

✅ Effective in just 5 seconds 

✅ Convenient Rinse-free formula 

✅ Non-Alcohol, Fragrance Free 

✅ Using Grander Water Technology to produce 

✅ Main ingredient Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) hand sanitizer which converts almost entirely to water after use to hydrate the skin 

✅ Safe used for baby, kids, sensitive and eczema. 

✅ 100% Natural Hypochlorous Acid In Granderized Water(more than just food grade) Manufactured  by licensed and qualified *GMP Factory. Safe and Effective.

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